A Trip To France Just Got Even Better

A Trip To France Just Got Even Better

Bad news for the eurozone is good news for us at Villa Roquette, here in the golden heart of the real south of France. The problems and ‘interesting times’ around the world means that you now get a lot more euro for your pounds or dollars, so coming to France is an even better deal.

Book now online direct, this will reserve your accommodation with us immediately and you can arrange payment with us later – we will confirm the booking with you and you can arrange to pay us direct in pounds or US dollars at the current mid-bank exchange rate (not the tourist rate).

We are determined to offer you the best value and highest quality accommodation when you stay in the South of France – by being open all year and working hard to keep fully booked most weeks, we can hold our prices down, we are already under half the price of many other B&Bs and self-catering apartments in the region and we offer more services and features (air conditioning, king-size beds, airport shuttle, catering etc).

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I have, at last, put some videos online of our suites and apartments, these are short clips made by our daughters Clio and Miranda – I forgot to tell them to speak in English, so these are in French, but they are fun to watch and show what we have to offer. You can see the first of the videos from our page at Roquette Videos


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If you need help, support or just want to chat about life in France, contact me, I really do try to respond personally to all mail.

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