Antiques Market in Pezenas 2012

Pezenas is only ten minutes from our home at Villa Roquette.

Twice every year the whole town is shut down for a Sunday and hundreds of Antique stalls are set up in the biggest antiques fair in France. Combined with the scores of established dealers, yards and shops in this highly specialised market, there are thousands of bargains and also tons of junk for sale – and even a few great antiques.

Here is a video I did last year of the main street not on a market day.

The next Sunday market is on May 6th, a few days away – we have some accommodation still at Villa Roquette

Antiques market on May 6th 2012

Antiques market on May 6th 2012

pezenas antique shop

Pezenas Antique shop - there are dozens of them

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