Montpellier in May

Montpellier is a quiet and vibrant modern mediaeval city – obviously from that description it is full of contrasts.

Inspired by a photography exhibition of the work of  W Eugene Smith at an exhibition there this week, I am hungry to get back to real photography again.

Looking for an apartment for our son who plans to be there at university, I am beginning to see things again – I always loved torn posters on walls, i did a series in Brick lane in London in the 1970s – it is not the same with color – but it is a start


Our Village is Well Bread

We have two boulangeries in our village and between them we get 16 different varieties of bread, patisserie, artisan chocolate, home made pastries, pasties and pizza and pretty girls serving, seven days a week.

They also sell wine, eggs and milk and are the center of all gossip and news.

We serve breakfast most mornings to our guests (many are self-catering so we can stay in bed a few days) and I enjoy a short walk (about 45 seconds) to the bakers shops as we live in the heart of the village. I make a separate trip for each guest as they come down so the bread is warm on the table straight from the bakers – they bake continuously in the mornings and evenings, bread over an hour old is considered “stale” in France.

On some chilly winters mornings, tucking a warm (wrapped) loaf under my arm is a very satisfying feeling on the way back.


Next to the bakers at the top of the village is the local cafe – smelling fresh coffee and warm bread wafting down the road is one of the most enticing things in the world, and has inspired me to “wax lyrical” on this blog today.

Sit quietly for a second and perhaps you will smell this scent too.

Beside the Seaside

One of the joys of living in the South of France (the real South of France) is that we are close to the Mediterranean – we don’t spend a lot of time on the sandy beaches, but it is nice to know they are just a few minutes away.

Another joy of living here is that the weather is mostly warm and mild. Peak summer months are hot, but not unbearable – winters are chilly, but never severe….

Her is a snap I took yesterday at Vias Plage about 15 minutes from Villa Roquette

Sandy beaches in thesouth of france near Villa Roquette b&B and holiday apartments

Vias Plage - the beginning of May

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside….