Bed and Breakfast in Languedoc

Carole and I came to live in Languedoc, here in the South of France nearly 20 years ago. We have raised our family in ancient homes where other families have lived for over a thousand years.

It is a beautiful region with with the longest Mediterranean coastline in France.

Languedoc has everything, mountains, rivers, skiing, water sports, wildlife.

Come and share our wonderful home.

Sending Luggage Ahead

Sending Luggage ahead.

I wrote in a recent newsletter about sending your suitcase and luggage ahead to avoid the huge charges airlines are imposing, plus you also avoid lugging baggage around terminal, unpacking for customs and possibly losing it on the carousels.

There are many companies offering this service – the big guys like FedEx and UPS, but other specialist firms are possibly more competitive, it is worth looking at alternatives and shopping around.

There are also a number of websites and travel companies who have posted information about this – here are some links


I have not used any of these myself and these are random samples and not my recommendations, I  welcome any comments or advice.

You Don’t Need a Weatherman

The financial winds are blowing in all directions, but it does not take a genius to see that the times they are a changin’ all over the world.

Here in the sunny South of France I am watching financial clouds gathering and sense  people beginning to”swarm” into groups of migrating families seeking some stable sanity in an ever crazier world.

Everyone everywhere will be affected in some way by these “interesting times” – my personal belief is that this is vitally important – these “interesting times” are necessary to move all development forward and that without the stimulus of “interesting times” the corruption, greed and evil of those who have clawed they way to the top of the midden, those people would have gained strength to do more damage.

I can only watch this, I am only an observer, living here in the heart of Languedoc, I do not wish to be a passive observer and if I can find something practical to do I will try – all I can think of is to whisper in my miniscule way on my blogs and offer a transient sanctuary to anyone wishing to come to our home in Villa Roquette.

Euro, pounds and dollars all seem like toy money – shifting a few percentage points , slithering around like beads of mercury, sometimes joining together and then being shaken into new patterns – it doesn’t matter – if you have got any of these federal “vouchers” at present my advice is to come to a sane part of the planet which has a kind and healthy climate, offers culture, has a solid infrastructure and cares about people – which is why we live here. I have no money so have none to lose or worry about, but I have found what many people are seeking, right here on my doorstep.