Christmas Wine Tastings Fairs and Events in Languedoc

From November 25 to December 25, in our part of Languedoc (the golden heart of the real South of France) I have a list of 35 great events all a short distance Villa Roquette?

Cracker fairs, local produce chocolate cooking, cheese fairs, talks about wine, walks in the vineyards, singing dancing and much merriment.

Most activities will have something to do with wine and food, but there are hundreds of crafts people, artisans and artists living around us and this is their chance to show their skills to the local people and for others to meet in a warm and friendly (even warmer after a few glasses of punch or mulled wine.

Take advantage of the great airline deals to Beziers airport – even better with our free flight special offer and discover a local tradition of storytelling and celebrating the winter in France.

Here are brief descriptions of just threee of these “happenings” right on our doorstep at the Domiane de Bellevue

4 December – “Le Marché de Noel” – local artisans and producers of our region, foi gras – chocolate, olive oils, honey – pony rides for the children

11 December “Le legende de la Cave de Noel” – A walk and story telling throug hthe vineyards with wine tastings and a buffet of local foods (reservation needed)

15 December – “Asiette de Desserts Variatioh sue le Chocolat” – An interactive cooking course os chocolate and confectionary (wine will be involved)

This is just a snapshot of only one local winery in one small area. Around us there are hundreds of other happenings throughout November and December.

And then there are the new Year celebrations, but more on this later……

Come and stay with us over Christmas and the New Year and help us celebrate.

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