France is Best for Family Life

One very important reason we moved to France from the UK over 20 years ago was to offer our very young family the opportunity to grow up in a better environment giving more security, better education and health services.

The HSBC Bank confirms that this was the right decision.

According to a recent report (November 2011) by HSBC bank (shown below) Countries which provide expats with the greatest benefits in terms of salary and economic rewards don’t always provide the best quality of life for children and families. The report lists France as offering the best quality of life for children of families relocating.

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Come with an open mind and say yes to everything.
Expat Explorer Survey respondent
Make an effort to learn & appreciate your neighbours' language & culture!
Immerse yourself in the local culture, people, food and enjoy it.
Expat Explorer Survey respondent
Be open to new adventures and go for it.
Expat Explorer Survey respondent
Sort out the banking situation before you move.
Expat Explorer Survey respondent
Allow yourself to become a global citizen, and grow more attuned to different cultures, people, politics, poverty and environmental problems.
Expat Explorer Survey respondent
Use a range of social media to get in touch with people.
Robin Pascoe
A dry bag! Can't live in a tropical environment without one!
Added by @Bro9ando
Start with colleagues and never say no to lunch. Be proactive and join an expat group. Sign up for language classes.
Added by @Mattbrady
Walk and take public transport whenever you can to see the best of a city like Geneva. Parking is difficult unless you have a dedicated space with your accommodation.
Added by Londoner Abroad

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