Gone Fishing

Got a Sign up at my door –

There are many things in life of which I cherish my ignorance – Skiing, Fishing, Bungy Jumping, rock-climbing – the list is very long, it is not that I am avoiding exercise, or have fears (well I am scared of heights and telephones) but I find most activities, sports and games boring after the first ten minutes – so fishing would be something which I would be instantly adverse to.

A good friend Terry is, in his own words “Fishing Bonkers” – guests come to our home Villa Roquette who ask where to fish locally – so it was inevitable I woud find out about fishing in the South of France.

Terry telling the boat - It was huge and snapped the end off

Terry arranged a boat trip – a daily outing from Agde which is very close to us. we met at 7:30 and I was prepared to grit my teeth for four hours looking at a piece of inert string.

It was wonderful, the time passed too quickly, although all I caught was two miniature specimens (one spiky and red, the other sleek and shiny) they were fish and the average of two hours of passive string watching for each fish was wondrous.

By Tony Tidswell

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