Guest House in the South of France – Sud France

Villa Roquette is a guest house, but it is difficult to define what a guest house is. Is it a Chambre d’Hote (a bed and breakfast) or is it a hotel, is it a Gite or a lodge ?

Even defining a Bed and Breakfast establishment is difficult, are BB or a BnB, B&B, banb etc the same thing?

In France, a Chambre d’Hote is clearly defined, it is a home with a room or rooms specially set up to receive paying guests and which supplies a breakfast included in the price of the room. The home must have the owners living in it and must be registered wit the local Town Hall (Mairie).

A guest house has no clear definition, we call Villa Roquette a Guest House as we also offer evening meals for guests and have individual private self catering apartments, plus a lot of other services and extras for guests in our home.

To further complicate our marketing, we are in Languedoc, or Languedoc-Roussillon, which is now named the Sud de France and is further south than the South of France , so we get more sunshine and have a better climate than the traditional South of France.

Whatever you call us, a Guest House, Bed and Breakfast, Gite, Holiday Apartment , B&B bb banb -whatever – we guarantee you a warm welcome.

Road to montblanc and villa roquette

Welcome to Montblanc and Villa Roquette Guest House

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