Mayday Mayhem and Mud

Mayday – I am setting today as the day to start getting some projects under way at Wikibnb – the aim is to encourage all Guest House and independent B&B owners to share marketing resources to help give abetter service;

It is a new idea and all are welcome – open source, no fees and you don’t have to run a B&B – all guests are welcome to tell us what they would like to see.

The mud was walking Helios today , our Daughters’ Beagle dog – he likes mud and found a quite spot on the river near Villa Roquette

Helio in the River Thongue near Villa Roquette

Helios in muddy water

One thought on “Mayday Mayhem and Mud

  1. Hi Tony
    Thanks for your trouble to connect guesthouses on Mayday! Good luck! I am sure that we can learn from each other.
    I have a guesthouse in Pretoria, South Africa.
    We are awaiting winter, which is mild in Pretoria.

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