Musée de la Porte in Pezenas

My daughter Miranda and I were walking through Pezenas yesterday, we were on the way to collect my son jack and his friend who had just come from Germany on a school visit and had half an hour to wait. We have lived no more than ten minuted from the town center for nearly 20 years, but we discovered a magical place – a museum of doors – just doors and hinges and stuff.

The were five large rooms and basements full of doors dating back centuries and centuries – woodworking tools, hinges, locks – all manner of fascinating things.

Doors in the door museum Pezenas

The museaum is at the top of the hill near the gates of the ancient chateau, this chateau was demolished in the 17th century and not much is left (except perhaps the doors)

Old doors in Pezenas

More old doors from Pezenas

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