Pretty Flamingo

We had a wonderful surprise last month – some guests staying with us sent two beautiful flamingo models in a huge parcel from America – it was a beautiful thought – Carole has the flamingo as her avatar as, near to us, in the Camargue is one of the very few breeding grounds around the Mediterranean.

Here are our own flamingos in their private “nest” in our living room

Villa Roquette - our flamingos in the living room

Manfred Mann - Pretty Flamingo lyrics

On our block all of the guys call her flamingo 
Cause her hair glows like the sun 
And her eyes can light the sky 
When she moves she walks so fine like a flamingo 
Crimson dress that clings so tight 
She's out of reach and out of sight 

Lyrics | Manfred Mann lyrics - Pretty Flamingo lyrics

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