Golf In Languedoc Package Deals

Villa Roquette is in the heart of Languedoc Roussillon and we have 16 golf coursesĀ surroundingĀ us in this beautiful region.

golf course near villa roquette in the keart of languedoc

Golf in Languedoc – Golf St Thomas

The gentle climate means golfers can visit any time of the year.

We have several full sets of clubs you can borrow, so take advantage of special flights and just bring hand baggage.

We can do a great package deal, collect you from Beziers airport, offer evening meals – chauffeur driven to local courses and collect you and your friends.

Combine this with visits to local vineyards and take advantage of the special golf pass on offer from most clubs

With Love and Passion

It is said that Eve offered Adam a pomegranate, not an apple – one of natures most friendly fruits – what if she also gave him a dish of passion fruit?

Yesterday evenings’ dog walk passed trees and bushes tempting me with oodles of vitamins and life – all picked from the roadside from wild trees and bushes.

Bowls of fruit for breakfast at Villa Roquette

Almonds, passion Fruit Figs and pomegranate picked yesterday at

Now I know where the sweet almonds hide.

September in is a month of passion and anti-oxidents – the guests are up late for breakfast again !

Light Softly Filters Through the Branches

I am taking control of what I eat – resisting food marketing and eating for needs.

The pleasure of walking the dog and foraging the fields and hedges – September is a bonus month

I am told there are 17 varieties of figs around us in the South of France – most justfall and rot on the ground now, but twisting a few from the tree and savoring the stucky pleasure is not to be missed.

Fr-uit from the fields around Villa Roquette

Fruits of the Fields around Villa Roquette

Blackberries tase different from bush each bush, it takes as much energy to pick a handful as tother is in the food perhaps – a great way to control a diet.

Soon the grapes will be harvested, the trick is to find the one vine in a field which is for the benefit of the pickers and not planted for wine. I guess the machines don’t notice this.

Local Fruit from the Fields around Villa Roquette

Villa Roquette has a store of wild fruit from local hedgerows

Almonds are naughty nuts – bitter trees shelter the sweet ones.

Now we take the deadwood from the fields and woodlands for our winter fuel, chestnuts – what can I do with the plenteous quinces?