Villa Roquette – Olive Suite – Video

I have been meaning to make videos of our accommodation in Villa Roquette for a long time. In fact I have been planning to do this since we started using the Internet for our marketing in 1997 and I have no excuses.

I trained as a film maker and have been involved in hundreds of movies and TV productions, on both sides of the camera, but perhaps this has been a handicap rather than an advantage.

But I may have found the solution – by getting my children to make the clips for me. All I have done to help is to stipulate they are done in one take with no editing, are kept to a maximum of 90 seconds per clip and that there is a presenter taking to camera.

Here is the first one of our Olive Suite at Villa Roquette.

This shows Olive as a two room suite which can accommodate four people plus a cot if required. Olive can be a full self catering apartment or a B&B for two people

Now is a Great Time to Come to France

We live in the center of Languedoc, by the Mediterranean and we are very well served by airports. Those which are only are a short drive from us in Villa Roquette are – Beziers, Montpellier, Nimes, Carcassonne and Perpignan – a bit further are Marseilles and Toulouse – just over the border in Spain there are Gerona and Barcelona.

I have been flicking through low cost fares, there are now scores of cities in Europe with regular flights to these destinations near us – a quick survey shows over 20 from the UK alone. In the next three months I have found hundreds of flights to Beziers costing from 14 euro to 50 euro return.

We have a page on our website with links to most of the low cost carriers at

But it is really annoying when you have booked a bargain flight to find the taxi fare from the airport can cost over five times the price of the air ticket. Car rental at airports is also expensive.

So we are offering a free air and rail shuttle service (for stays with us of 3 days or longer), to and from Villa Roquette for our guests for arrivals at Beziers and we can arrange a half-price taxi service from other airports.

If you take advantage of our off-season prices, the low cost air fares and our free shuttle service, a weekend for two in the South of France from many places in Europe can cost as little as 118 euro – enjoy our table d’hote meals with us and a weekend at Villa Roquette could cost a total for transport, accommodation, food and wine – all for less than 200 euro.

Over the next two months, the weather is good, the wine harvest is in full swing and by November we will be tasting the new vintages, or come and stay over Christmas and get some winter sunshine.