Cap d’Agde Autumn Boat Fair 2011

Cap d’Agde is hosting the Autumn Boat Fair from Friday 28th
October to Sunday 1st November 2011, a major event in the
Mediterranean market in new and second hand boats and
nautical equipment

Recognised as a major centre for water sports and pleasure sailing,
the sailing waters of Cap d’Agde can cope with the requirements of
the most demanding sailors. Its situation in the centre of the Gulf du
Lion, the quality of its facilities and its port make it one of the major
centres of nautical activity in the Languedoc-Roussillon region.

Major boat builders and brands will be taking advantage of the
occasion to present, in advance of the Paris Boat Fair, all the new
models for the coming year. A total of some 500 sailing and motor
boats, both new and second hand, will be on display. Some great
deals are on the horizon for those who want to translate their
nautical dreams into reality…

The Cap d’Agde Boat Fair is pulling out all the stops to surprise,
interest, educate and inform its visitors who enjoy pleasure sailing
and love the sea, in a festive atmosphere.

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Travel News for Languedoc

I have often tried to keep a regular and up-to-date news post about local news, especially the latest travel information for people coming to our home.

There are many Internet sites with pages of information about weather, flights and rail services. To add this t oa web page is a full time job, using syndicated feeds also has problems as so much other rubbish can be loaded. We have a local site which focuses on these services and the travel page is one of the best have found, so as I cannot improve on a good service, her it is

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