Travel News for Languedoc

I have often tried to keep a regular and up-to-date news post about local news, especially the latest travel information for people coming to our home.

There are many Internet sites with pages of information about weather, flights and rail services. To add this t oa web page is a full time job, using syndicated feeds also has problems as so much other rubbish can be loaded. We have a local site which focuses on these services and the travel page is one of the best have found, so as I cannot improve on a good service, her it is

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Making our home Welcoming

I finished, almost, working on the Chambre d’hôtes and rental apartments in our house during September, this was four months later than planned after a years hard work and all our savings.

I had hoped to start marketing our home in Villa Roquette last March, but only really started last month – so we are just beginning to get bookings and iti going to be a very quiet Christmas.

It does mean I can make sure all the details are finished and make the home a really good quality, charming and comfortable place for you next year.

Bread and dripping for Christmas though 🙁