Property Sales in France and Fractional Ownership

In May this year I was planning to start offering property for sale through a very reputable agency in the South of France – Coast and Country – who I have worked with before and find completely reliable and honest.

If you have followed some of my blogs in the past, you may know that I have a very low opinion of most estate-agents on France and especially some of the rogues and rascals I have found in Pezenas. Unfortunately the few honest and reliable agents are going out of business in this area, leaving mostly the rascals,  so if I am to help people find homes I must start listing properties and selecting them myself.

I have been waiting for the agency to get a new website operating for me – I have been waiting  five months now, so it is time to give up on that plan and make my own sites for them again. I have started on this at SouthernFrance , a site I planned to use as my newsletter and blog archives, but this will be put to better use for property.

I have also restarted another website which was once the definitive site for Fractional Ownership of property in France at HarmonyOwnership – there is a lot of work to do on both sites, but I have a list of properties to add and will be getting out from next week to get the listings on.

A lot of guests staying with us at Villa Roquette are looking at property buy – I help a lot with the planning and save a lot of time by advising on services in villages, transport, accommodation and the value of the properties they are looking at – several guests have purchased property in Languedoc this year and have become friends – in other cases I have been able to show the problems and point out the lies told to them about the resources.

In one happy instance I  could show, through the plans and deeds, that they in fact owned property next to their home they did not realize they had purchased.

This is all part of the service for our guests – so if you are thinking of buying property in Languedoc, particularly in the Herault stay with us and perhaps I can help you realise your dreams.

A house near the coast hidden from sight

Secret House not listed and Impossible to Find

Montblanc High Street

Our village, Montblanc, is slap-bang in the center of Languedoc just a few miles from the Mediterranean – it is typical of a confident, prosperous farming village in Southern France and for centuries has been a working community. It is much the same today as it has been for the last couple of thousand years.

Building Our New High Street

There have always been visitors coming and making their home here. From Hannibal on his way to Italy for the world cup 2,500 years ago (descendants of his war elephants still live in some of the trees in the woodlands around here – to beautiful lasses from the Scottish highlands here a holiday this week – the local villages offer their usual welcome and glasses of wine.

Some of our guests are out on a stroll (a balade) this morning – with frequent stops for wine and foie-gras under the trees. Talks about the flora and a team of horse drawn carriages (one mule drawn) are there to bring them home later.

‘Tis a beautiful day.