Vernissage at Chateau Carrasses March 3 2012

A vernissage – literally “a Varnishing” – is in this case the opening of an exhibition of photographs by Gilles Faviers, a photographer with the VU agency

I have been to many exhibitions in France, all the photography exhibitions have been from indifferent to awful – I expected much the same this time.

I was totally and completely wrong – Gilles is an artist and a craftsman. Iwas totally impressed and stil have strong feelings from the twenty or so photographs I had the great pleasure of seeing last Saturday.

The theme was a selection from a much larger exhibition planned with oer 100 images. This is an observation of two places, benin in West Africa and Bahia in Brazil – two destinations from the “triangular trade” of slaves.

The force of voodoo on both sided of the Atlantic is apparent, as is the obvious lins of cultures and race/family in the faces.

A Wonderful morning, pity the wine was not as good, but luckily I don’t drink 🙂

Gilles Favier at Chateau Carrasses

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