Consumer Protection in France

I had a mail from a reader this week who was defrauded by a tradesman, asking me if there was any authority in France to complain to – YES, there certainly is.

If you have had problems with any service, most countries have an official department you can complain to and report the supplier. A good website listing these offices is – for France the official consumer protection bureau is The DGCCRF – it is an official French government authority for Consumer Protection, they have a website in English at http:// – they have produced a leaflet, in English, which gives some information and other contacts. You can see this at Welcome to France

In my experience, I have learnt that they take all complaints very seriously.

There are other services to arbitrate in disputes. I have also found these to be very effective and fair. For a dispute turning nasty the CDAD have an excellent free service.

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  1. The above link to Consumer Protection won’t work because it has too many http’s… You might like to update the link…
    “http:// “

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  3. Hallo Carole/Tony

    Villa Roquette looks absolutely super but regrettably this enquiry is not to do with booking it……..It is however to do with the excerpt I came across from you a while back “Consumer protection in France”, so please forgive me for this little spinoff:

    Won’t take your time with all the gory detail, but the gist of it is that my son has a flat in Paris which last April was flooded due to a fault in the communal plumbing system and has been uninhabitable ever since. Also since then he has been trying to get the insurance situation sorted out – both the “syndic” collectively and his own cover, but the two seem to be playing off against each other and the end result is no remedial action and no insurance money. The “syndic” have already relieved him somehow of about 10,000E in the process of allegedly furthering the cause and are now threatening legal action unless he pays even more.

    The poor guy is nearly in a state of financial and nervous breakdown with about all this so, especially since something seems to severely amiss with the insurance people, I promised to have a look around the internet, although I’m pretty hopeless at it, in the context of consumer protection.

    That’s how I saw your excerpt! And the bottom line is whether – given all the above – you think there is any hope of dealing with this matter by referring to the organisation dgccrf you mention?

    Sorry to bother you with all this, but very grateful for a word of reply at your convenience.

    Many thanks

    Ian McDuff

  4. I am sorry to hear these problems – insurance companies get more and more d”difficult it seems – I don’t understand how the syndic can impose these costs, there should be a “right to veto” – lawyers are another can of worms and Notaire are basically just tax collectors and no use in legal stuff – yes, I think the dgccrf may be a source of help – there are also other free help services supported by government, the local mairie may be the best source of information for these.

    The “French” solution seems to be to take legal court action, but, again, you have to have a lawyer to start (it costs and can run and run and run)

    Mairie first, local help and advice center, arbtration etc etc seems the best route to me

    Good luck


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