Fossil Hunting Around Villa Roquette

The Herault valley in Languedoc is a fascinating geological area. Lava flows, inversions, ice ages and millions of years have made this a paradise for fossil hunters.

Out walking the dog I see many areas of fossil strata – some in coal deposits not far from us, many just in lines across vineyards on our doorstep.

I will try to get some accurate maps sorted and find some references, but there does not seem to be much interest locally.

fossil picked up in a vineyard this April

Fossil laying in a vineyard near Villa Roquette, there were tons just lying on the ground.

Some vineyards have a ‘row’ of fossils just lying on the ground. I have found a layer between two rows of vines where local medieval builders would collect them for rubble, putting tons of them into the walls of houses.

clam like fossils from a bed in Nizas

Clam like, fossils from a layer in Nizas

Other areas have ‘strata ‘, layers of rock and mud with millions of fossils in them – I pulled a handful out of the lose clay in a few minutes, the temptation to keep digging and find a huge dinosaur was almost irresistible

fossils in nizas

Fossils just sticking out of a bank by the road near Villa Roquette

3 thoughts on “Fossil Hunting Around Villa Roquette

  1. Strange, but I understood that “fossil” with the added prefix “old” was what my children called me. Then I saw your illustrations and seeing how old and wrinkley they were, all became clear.
    I hope you enjoyed a very happy Easter and I wish you good fortune for the coming holiday season.
    Yours, aye,

  2. Have you ever found a good map with all fossil sites around the Herault and Aude provinces? I keep finding new sites myself, but would be easier if there were a map already. My goal is to make a fossil bike tour. Of course, carrying fossils on a bike might get heavy after a few days. I found this great site close to Ferrals-Les-Montagnes. The oldest fossils in France are found there, and they are trilobites as well!

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