Wine in Sud de France

Languedoc, or more correctly now, The Sud de France, is famous for being the largest wine producing area in the world. About a third of all French wine comes from the Sud de France (Languedoc), but for a long time the wine was more famous for the quantity than the quality produced. This has changed and now wine from the Sud de France is recognized as some of the best in the world.

vineyards in the sud de france - montblanc

Vineyards in Montblanc - the Sud de France

Villa Roquette in the the heart of Montblanc, a typical wine growing Village in The Sud de France, a century and a half of wine production has made towns in this region prosperous and confident, with many splendid country houses and comfortable town homes.

Wine tours are popular and many wine domain offer tours and tastings, it is hard to say which are the best as this is really question of personal taste, but it is easier to advise which ones to avoid.

Our own preferences are wide and we are always discovering new producers. With small specialist wine ‘artists’ the quality will vary from year to year, but these are a few we like every time we go ther and some of these producers become friends so tasting their wine is a double pleasure.

Bellevue near us in Montblanc –

St Jean de Bebian, on the road from Pezenas to Nizas –

Mas de Chimeres, just outside Octon owned by Guilleme Darde

In Pezenas, at the top of the high street – round the corner – slightly hidden – is a small shop – le Nez dans Le Verre – the owner is Helen Mir, also a good producer and she has many good wines.

sud de france vineyards near montblanc languedoc

Vineyards around Montblanc in Sud de France

Other wines on our doorstep which we have enjoyed recently include:-

Domaine Montplezey

Les Creisses

Chateau de L’Engarran