Visiting France

France welcomes over 70 million visitors each year. France is a country proud of its culture, history and art. Life in a French town or village offers many people values and a quality they do not find elsewhere and France is the most popular country in the world to visit and for consideration for a new life.

Each department of France has a unique character, even towns a few miles apart can give a very different lifestyle and have differing values.

Recognising the importance of visitors to the French economy, rules and laws are set to ensure their fair treatment.

I have collected some of the official government brochures which you can download here – in English:-

Useful Tips for a Pleasant Stay
A 12 page brochure with advice about – transport, rentals, food, shopping, who to contact if you have problems, where to complain etc.
Useful Tips for a Pleasant Stay in France pdf file

Common Consumer Disputes
A leaflet advising where you can complain about unreasonable treatment or service.
Common Consumer Disputes pdf file

Food Allergens
A leaflet with advice about labeling food in France.
Food Allergens pdf file

Organic Products
A leaflet helping you recognise bio products.
Bio Produce pdf file

Price Information
A leaflet explaining your right relating to deposits, down-payments, credit notes and prices shown.
Price Information pdf file

Other Information Leaflets with help explaining the procedures and etiquette:-

You Go To A Restaurant pdf file

You Go To A Cafe pdf file

You Have your Car Repaired pdf file

You rent Somewhere for Your Vacation pdf file

You Pay By Bankcard pdf file