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This is a page about us. We are Carole, Me (Tony) and two dogs. We all have pages (not the dogs) on FaceBook, so you can look us up and join us there.

In Villa Roquette we have plenty of room, Carole and I invite you to stay with us in our home in Montblanc a village in the South of France, near the town of Pezenas, in the department of Herault and the region of Languedoc

Vila Roquette B&b Languedoc
I write in blogs about living here, life and work – you can read these at www.Twiku.com and www.2337.com .
We have lived in France for 21 years. We rented for 3 years in a village north of Lyon and spent as much time exploring as we could. We then bought a rambling ruin of medieval masonry in the farming village of Nizas . I was still working on this when we sold in 2004 and moved to our newer (19th century) home in Montblanc, not the big one by Toblerone country, but a village near the Mediterranean, close to Montpellier, south of Pezenas.

Our home is a comfortable “Maison de Maitre” and we have made several apartments and suites for guests. It is very close to the center of the village and has private gardens and a sheltered Swimming Pool with plenty of space for sunbathing, terraces and a barbeque area.

When we moved here from England I was always asked what I did on the official forms (there are a lot of official forms in France). The only paper qualifications I have are in photography so I am officially a “Photographe”. I have worked in the film industry and as a freelance photographer for over 30 years. In between I have been involved in computers (since the wire and valve type in the ’60s) and marketing just about everything everywhere.

In this area for business, the Midi, there is wine and tourism. Apart from this there is sunshine (average around 300 days a year), a mild climate, hot summers, the smell of the thyme and wild flowers. A view for over 150 miles on a clear day (no pollution), the cleanest Mediterranean beaches and great wine.

We would like to share our love of this region with you, we sincerely believe this little corner of France is the best, we chose it after looking for over six years.

You can read some of my thoughts and comments – not all rose tinted – in the newsletter archives at France archives
Do write to us through the contact form and let me know if we can help you find your little corner of France, for a week or much longer.

Bonne Chance

Tony Tidswell

I try to write about France and answer any questions on my blog at www.twiku.com

You can catch me on Twitter join me and my friends there and get the latest news.


The Tidswell Photo Gallery

the tidswell family - carole miranda clio tony and jack

The Tidswell family in Montblanc
tidswall family - miranda jack tony carole and pamela

Tidswell family group with Tony’s mother Pam

Jack and Bonnie
tidswell family plus tanya

Mimi, Jack and my Granddaughter Tanya in Beziers
me and mimi

Tony and Mimi
me and carole

Carole and Tony
jack and Tony Tidswell

Tony and Jack
tidswell dogs clio and tony

Clio and Tony with dogs
rocky the latest tidswell dog

Rocky our new dog in Montblanc
Peter Mayle Tony Tidswell

Peter Mayle and Tony Tidswell in Provence
bonny the puppy



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