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We are in the heart of the French region of Languedoc, the most southerly region of France having the most days of sunshine every year in France, over 300 days a year..

Combined with a gentle climate and with varied and fertile soils, Languedoc is the largest single wine producing area in the world and is home for many of the finest wines. This is a big change over the last 20 years, once Languedoc was known as the “wine lake” of Europe. Because of the fertile soil and kind climate, millions of liters were once produced for the French army and the Northern factories of France. Markets changes, a huge investment has been made in planting great varieties and good equipment, this, combined with centuries (the first wines in France are recorded in Languedoc over 2,400 years ago) of tradition and experience make Languedoc wines a center of excellence.

Wine tourism is only just beginning to be taken seriously, a visitor still gets the feeling of the real winery and the warm welcome of the traditional “Midi” is your delight.

We can offer help and advice to select places and are buulding a list of wineries and tours on offer. Including…..

Languedoc Wine Tours

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A local wine club offers free membership (and discounts) with a list of good local producers. More details are from Languedoc Select