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Buying a home in France is a big decision – for work, retirement, vacation or investment. Owning your own place is more than just somewhere to stay, it is a strong emotional statement and something fundamental to all people. It makes sense to get the best help and advice you can before you buy, from people who have experience and who have only your interests at heart.

Stay with us in Villa Roquette and I can share with you over 20 years of experience of buying, selling and renovating property in France?

If you share our Table d’Hôte we can discuss your needs over a glass of wine, or two – or we can chat over coffee at breakfast and I can help with my personal knowledge of local villages, builders and the estate agents in the region.

Buying property in languedoc stay at Villa Roquette

Villa Roquette Your Home to Find your Home

This is all part of our service at Villa Roquette, no fees, no commissions and no hidden costs. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Villa Roquette is in the heart of Languedoc so you are in the perfect location to dicover this fascinating and beautiful region.

Villa Roquette is a classic “Maison de Maitre” with four very comfortable and well appointed Apartments and five King-Size bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms for our Chambre d’hote , B&B service. One minute walk from the local shops, an excellent restaurant, cafe and services of Montblanc, the accommodation offers a base in the center of Languedoc to discover the most fascinating, and oldest, region of France.

Pezenas is only ten minutes from us by car. Villa Roquette is fifteen minutes drive from many of the best sandy beaches on the Mediterranean. Beziers Airport is 20 minuted from us, Montpellier airport 45 minutes and Carcassonne airport 55 minutes

For centuries Pezenas, our local town, was the capital of the region of Languedoc, not part of France until the 17th century. Pezenas is a beautiful town, still with the magnificent buildings and homes of the early governors of Languedoc.

View Apartment Rentals Near Pezenas in a larger map

View Apartment Rentals Near Pezenas in a larger map

2 thoughts on “Buy a House in Languedoc France

  1. Hi
    I enjoyed reading your blog about your house and your life in general……The house sounds and looks great but your health scare, I would rather not experience ……but then one never knows what lies ahead……..
    I came across your website while browsing real estate in the area. We live in Australia and would like to buy a place near Pezenas which we visited last year (unfortunately only for one week) but it was enough to know that we want to buy in the area, we met so many friendly people, but it is frustrating being so far away. We are coming over this year in June and July hopefully to buy a place where we can come and stay for a few months a year.
    What is Montblanc like to live in? My husband and I only managed to see Tourbes and Castelnau de Guers. I would have liked to check out other villages within a 10k radius but it didn’t happen….My son has a motto failing to plan is planning to fail, which I did!

  2. Hello Fay,

    We moved to the local area 18 years ago, before then we lived in the Beaujolais, North of Lyon for a few years to be sure we wanted to live in France – we did.

    Our first home was in the small village of Nizas, just north of Pezenas – it was a 10th century rambling ruin with dozens of rooms and I spent ten years making it a weird and wonderful home. We were offered so much money for it we couldn’t refuse and then thought, well we can go anywhere in the world now and buy a house – but we only wnted to stay in the local area so looked for land to build a place in Nizas.

    This changed as I wanted to find a large home quickly so my Mother could come over and live with us. We bought our home in Montblanc, again only a few kilometers from Pezenas, and are happy here.

    Montblanc is a bigger village (3000 people) than Nizas (500 people) with all shops, a restaurant, medical center, cafe, pizza parlour, hairdresser and two boulangeries – so is a typical, largish, French village.

    One thing I strongly recommend to anyone moving here is the simple test of being able to walk to the boulangerie, buy fresh bread every morning of the week and get it back home while it is still warm. If you can’t do this then you are not living in France.

    We spent a long time looking all over France before deciding where to live, about four years of constant travel. We discovered Pezenas and for us this is the perfect French town, but towns are places to go to, not live in. French life in the South of France is centered around villages. Every village still has a distinct character.

    We liked both Tourbes and Castelnau, but neither really has a “heart” or a full set of shops and commerce. They are both dependent on Pezenas for most services, as are most smaller villages now.

    There are dozens of interesting villages around us, but it is a personal choice. Next time you are in France do come and stay with us, I often sit around a table with guests sharing information about this region.

    I have worked as a real-estate agent here, but could not cope with the deceptions and lies and the bunch of crooks in Pezenas so tend not to get directly involved, although I can point you towards the few more honorable people.

    Thanks to the excellent medical services in France I am getting my life back together and planning.

    Let me know more information about yourself, your aims, budget and aspirations for living in France and I will try to hel you in your planning.

    Best Wishes


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