The Dolomites of Moreze

The sunniest and the most southern region of France – Languedoc – is also the largest and least populated.

Interestingly the unique geology, climate and fertile plains made Languedoc the first place in Europe to be populated after the last ice ages. it is still one of healthiest and pleasant climates in Europe and is still a fertile and beautiful landscape.

The Herault is the region in the heart of Languedoc, close to the Mediterranean beaches and sheltered by the mountains to the North, Herault was once a center of giant activity when volcanoes erupted there over 50 million years ago. It is the only part of Languedoc where the mountains remaining from these volcanoes went down to the sea and left a heritage of wonderous caves, grotto, hillsides and plateaus.

One fascinating feature is the area of dolomite interest around the village of Moreze, near to Montpellier, Pezenas and Beziers this is a unique area in Europe and is an open natural park to discover.

Stay with us in Villa Roquette and discover the natural wonders of languedoc on our doorstep.