Photo Equipment Sales

We offer a wide range of cameras and photographic items, equipment, materials and chemistry for sale. This is not our commercial business, but is a service to assist clients coming to Villa Roquette for a photo workshop or to share our facilities.

Most of the cameras and other equipment are items I have used myself and have tested for students. All the equipment is guaranteed working and wherever possible I will give customers a collodion plate or a fine print I have made wit that camera.

I still have over two hundred cameras, bought during my 50 years of involvement in photography, it was never intended to be a collection. I do not use most of these cameras now, so I am sorting them all, testing them, making sure they are cleaned, adjusted and are in good working order and I am now offering them to be used as working cameras.

My interests are in classic large format cameras and lenses, but I have a wide range o good working equipment from “Robot” 24x24mm up to wood and brass plate cameras 240mmx300mm plate size. Most are dated from 1900 to 1960, but there are some older items I still use, back to 1861 (a Dallmeyer 1B).

I will be adding equipment on a regular basis, but anything you are looking for, contact me by email, or on facebook.

lens made by Tardy of Lyon for the hal plate camera