Sud France

Sud France, or Sud de France is officially the new name for all things to do with the region of Languedoc in the South of France.

Wine labels, tourism and vacation accommodation is being encouraged, or in some cases obliged, to use Sud France as the name ‘on the box’.

After a thousand years of history and having been the cradle of enlightenment in Europe, Sud de France – or Sud France – is replacing the name Languedoc. The reason is supposed to be because so many people could not pronounce or spell Languedoc and had no idea where Languedoc is.

Luckily this will not make the slightest difference to the warmth of our welcome, the weather or the food and wine of the region – I guess we should be happy that the powers that be did not decide to use the other name under consideration Septamanie –

So welcome to Sud France (or Sud de France)

Thau and the Mediterranean Sud France

Sud de France - Sea and Sky