Light Softly Filters Through the Branches

I am taking control of what I eat – resisting food marketing and eating for needs.

The pleasure of walking the dog and foraging the fields and hedges – September is a bonus month

I am told there are 17 varieties of figs around us in the South of France – most justfall and rot on the ground now, but twisting a few from the tree and savoring the stucky pleasure is not to be missed.

Fr-uit from the fields around Villa Roquette

Fruits of the Fields around Villa Roquette

Blackberries tase different from bush each bush, it takes as much energy to pick a handful as tother is in the food perhaps – a great way to control a diet.

Soon the grapes will be harvested, the trick is to find the one vine in a field which is for the benefit of the pickers and not planted for wine. I guess the machines don’t notice this.

Local Fruit from the Fields around Villa Roquette

Villa Roquette has a store of wild fruit from local hedgerows

Almonds are naughty nuts – bitter trees shelter the sweet ones.

Now we take the deadwood from the fields and woodlands for our winter fuel, chestnuts – what can I do with the plenteous quinces?

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