History Tours in Languedoc

For over 450,000 years Languedoc in France has been inhabited by our ancestors.

The region is rich in history and architecture from the Ancient Greeks, Romans and wonderful Medieval and Renaissance buildings.

We can arrange guided tours and help you to discover some of the archeological riches of Languedoc.


Committee of Tourism in Languedoc

Tautavel – 450,000 years

Walking our dogs in the vineyards we often find old shards of pottery and evidence of long forgotten Roman and Medieval ruins. ┬áThis is a bridge on a Roman road lost in the vines very near our house, there are so many things like this that the local farmers don’t bother to think about them. The bridge is probable a culvert to allow flood water to escape and can only be seen when you are a few meters from it.

Lostbridge under old Roman Road in Montblanc