Pezenas the Day of Antiques

Twice a year our local town of Pezenas closes its streets nd holds the biggest antique and collectables fair in the South of France – this happens the first Sunday of may and the first Sunday of September.

Our home Villa Roquette is only a few minutes from this fascinating medieval town which for centuries ws the most important town in languedoc and was the seat of government for the independent states of Languedoc before France was united in the 17th century.

The stalls and shops are a carnival of bric-a-brac, rubbish, collectable nonesense and – occasionally – an antique.

I met a friend in the market who is a painter (he is an artist really as he sells his excellent work all over the world, but he calls himself a painter so as not to get confused with the rash of “artists” ) – his website is PaintFrance – I think I also saw what I believe to be the most awful image I have ever seen.

Here is a snapshot video of the day and I leave the judgement of the “painting” to you.

the worst painting in the world perhaps

Seen at pezenas Junk (I mean antique) market

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