Photography Courses At Villa Roquette

When we bought our home in Nizas and decided to rent accommodation, the plan was to offer a series of photographic courses. I am a photographer and I love teaching and working with new ideas and experimental photography. I have spent thousands of hours in darkrooms and traveled many placers on assignments. I did run a couple of courses from Nizas, but it all took a back seat to our gite rentals business and the ascendancy of internet marketing.

For most people, digital cameras have replaced film and chemistry. The convenience and cost-saving of printing straight from your computer is wonderful. I now plan to start these courses again from our new home at Villa Roquette and will have all the new facilities ready for an inauguration course in September.

The courses are very flexible and run over a four day period, they are designed for people to come for one, two, three or all four days. In this way maximum benefit can be derived and a student can select the modules which give them the best value.

The course modules cover both digital and chemical processes, from visualisation to presentation (seeing to showing) and marry together digital techniques and traditional chemical development and printing.

My background is in Zone system, black and white, photography – this is just as important and relevant to digital systems and colour. I used my first digital camera in 1978, a 10×8 inch Sinar with a digital back.

I will only take a maximum of four students at a time. There is accommodation in Villa Roquette, people can bring their partners and families. Or stay at other places locally, the courses are independent of our accommodation. The fees are 100 euro for each session and there are two sessions covering specific subjects each day. Book as many, or as few, as you wish – I am putting more information on a new blog at (it spells BEER) on a phone.

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