Second Star To The Right

…and straight on ’till morning.

The last line from “The Undiscovered Country” (Startrek) – and is also Peter Pans’ guidance for the Darling children as they flew away.

Now it’s my mission – although I may not be doing the “To Boldly Go” bit, more “What the Hell, Let’s Go Anyway”. This is my first posting (or newsletter) for many months and I have a lot I would like to write about, but I will keep this short.

Briefly, this year has been “interesting” – starting with a bunch of MRI scans showing a series of lesions cerebrales (strokes), which have been going on for years, leaving my brain a junk box of cotton wool and candy-floss. Brains are adaptable and other bits compensate so I can get back to writing – one good thing is that, due to a better diet, I have lost weight.

The next on the agenda to sort out is lifestyle and business. I was not able to managing, websites, or build some of the new projects I started and was not even being able to carry through simple marketing tasks. I got tired very easily and some calculations I needed were beyond me.

My solution is to only do what I can finish and not start new stuff. Slowly slowly I am able to tackle old projects, some  have been languishing for many years, so, now to work.

To help this along I am re-installing my personal operating system to the last I can find that was stable – it seems that this was in 1967. This could be fun.

2012 has mostly been a year of stuff not quite happening. I tried to get several new projects moving, but seemed mired down in a personal Higgs field of dark matter, which is why I have not been writing or sending out news and information. So forward to 1967, the North Circular Road – the Ace Cafe, motorbikes and warm beer – it is as good a date as any to reset the timer – let’s see what happens. Perhaps I shall attempt to write “Some kind of language between people that is a new kind of poetry, that’s the poetry of the dancing bee”

Come and join me, sitting quietly on a hillside in the South of France