The Real South of France

I started using our websites on the Internet fifteen years ago in 1997, five years before Google.

My aim was to start a photography school in our old rambling house in the village of Nizas so I made some of the rooms into small apartments for the students and started one of the first ever blogs and made a website. We got so many enquiries for rentals that I a-only ever did a couple of courses and found myself making one of the first Online Travel Agencies to cope with the demand and ended up with thousands of rental properties all over France.

I needed lots of things to write about as at that time not many people had heard of Languedoc, so I found out what i could and just blogged about life here.

I wrote about the 300 days of sunshine we have each year in Languedoc, more than any other region of France, I wrote about the beaches, the longest sandy beaches in France, I wote about the Cathars and the Knights templar, the history, the special foods, and I called the region the Real South of France to show the difference from the Cote d’Azur.

It is flattering that so many of my words and comments are now appearing in a lot of tourism brochures and websites about the region. When I started there were none apart from a fe I had, now there are hundreds of online information sites and local tourist websites giving information.

One of the best ones is our local Beziers Cap d’Agde site sponsored by the excellent beziers Airport people – I am delighted to see they have a phrase I first used in 1998 on advertising as their headline – The Real South of France –

May 1st on Tuesday – we already have bouquets of Lilly of the Valley perfuming our home – the weather today is warm and sunny and I discovered another quiet secret wood just round the corner from us – I keep discovering these islands of tranquility only a few hundred yards from us, yet I can walk the dog for hours and not see another person, just kingfishers and coypu by the river.

It is good to be living in the real South of France – come and join us – From One day, to a Lifetime, From Us – (another one of my 1998 slogans 🙂

Montblanc in the real South of France

Walking Rocky in Woods Near Villa Roquette

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