Ronald the Pirate

Ronald the Pirate

Ramen Burgers

I couldn’t resist this – a guest staying with us is an entrepreneur who buys and sells interesting items – such as Ferrari’s and other super cars – one of his interests is Big Ronald McDonald figures and I though this one with the Pirate hat was very special – I am told it is very rare, in fact there is only one in the world, and this is it – also it has blue eyes?

Back to Work

Back in the darkroom and focusing on a new set of work

My immediate aim is to make gelatin glass plates up to 30x40cm – blue and UV sensitive plates – so I can print direct onto the glass.

The simplest, and best so far, description is on

But the details of temperatures and pouring techniques are not good.

I am finding that I need the emulsion at 49-52 degrees and the glass at 22-25 degrees

If the glass is warmer then the emulsion does not stick – cooler and it sets lumpy.

A long way to go yet.

I will photo the processes for my own notes – the levelling table etc seems to work

Meccano Nuts (and bolts)

I have always had a Meccano set – so this is over 70 years of acquired Meccano in boxes. it is time it had a new home.

I have more boxes of Meccano in the loft